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ASP.NET. Сборник рецептов

В книге собраны практические советы и примеры, которые помогут при создании веб-приложений с использованием ASP.NET: разработка архитектуры веб-приложения, его отладка, профилирование, защита, конфигурирование, работа с данными и многое другое. Рассмотрены специальные инструменты и утилиты, которые позволяют ускорить и упростить разработку и отладку веб-приложений. Уделено внимание обработке исключений в вебприложениях. Отдельная глава посвящена созданию отчетов в MS Excel. Книга будет полезна не только программистам, которые уже используют в своих разработках ASP.NET, но и тем, кто переходит на технологию ASP.NET с классической ASP или языка PHP.

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C#. Сборник рецептов

В книге содержатся советы, алгоритмы и готовые примеры программ из различных областей: шифрование, файловые и сетевые операции, XML, ASP.NET, взаимодействие с MS Office и Internet Explorer и др. Описаны синтаксис языка С#, вопросы отладки и профилирования приложений, а также проблемы, возникающие при переходе с других языков программирования на язык С#. Рассматриваются примеры наиболее часто используемых регулярных выражений. Отдельная глава посвящена работе с аппаратурой.
Архив содержит саму книгу и CD с исходным кодом.

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Professional ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 Edition: In C# and VB

ASP.NET 3.5 brings the power of Visual Studio® 2008 along with the multitude of language improvements in C# 2008 and Visual Basic® 2008 as well as powerful new technology called LINQ, together with the ASP.NET 2.0 Framework you already know and love. Packed with valuable coverage of ASP.NET 3.5 SP1, this essential resource offers both C# and VB examples throughout the book, and shares new and updated content on the ADO.NET Entity Framework, ADO.NET Dynamic Data, and ADO.NET Data Services.
While ASP.NET 3.5 boasts server controls like the ListView and the incredibly flexible GridView, it also includes advancements in AJAX technology combined with javascript® debugging features in Visual Studio 2008. With this book, a stellar author team covers the new controls in the AJAX toolbox, the back button history, and script combining, and they also examine the new capabilities of WCF including changes to DataContractSerializer. In addition, the accompanying CD-ROM features the entire book in PDF format.

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Building ASP.NET Web Pages with Microsoft WebMatrix

Описание книги Building ASP.NET Web Pages with Microsoft WebMatrix:
Building ASP.NET Web Pages with Microsoft WebMatrix /by Steve Lydford. WebMatrix is the latest addition to the hugely popular Microsoft ASP.NET web platform. This exciting new technology aims to simplify the process of developing websites by combining the new and powerful Razor syntax with a fully extensible set of data and HTML helpers for performing common web tasks.

The WebMatrix installation includes all the tools the developer requires to quickly create fully-functional, data-driven, dynamic sites using ASP.NET web pages. The lightweight custom development tool works alongside SQL Server Compact Edition and Internet Information Services (IIS) Express to provide a seamless and easy-to-use environment which enables the web developer to concentrate on the rapid development of feature-rich websites, without the need to learn the complex concepts and highly structured programming models which many other frameworks require.

What you’ll learn

  • How to combine HTML and server-side C# Razor code with the powerful .NET framework to easily develop websites using Microsoft WebMatrix
  • How to create layouts which can be applied across multiple pages
  • How to interact with SQL Server and other databases, using proven techniques and best practices
  • How to add social networking features to your web site using WebMatrix Helpers
  • How to create your own custom functions and helpers to provide reusable code and content
  • How to secure your website using a role-based membership model
  • How to deploy your website to a hosting provider

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Beginning ASP.NET Web Pages with WebMatrix

Описание книги Beginning ASP.NET Web Pages with WebMatrix:
Microsoft WebMatrix is designed to make developing dynamic ASP.NET web sites much easier. This complete Wrox guide shows you what it is, how it works, and how to get the best from it right away. It covers all the basic foundations and also introduces HTML, CSS, and Ajax using jQuery, giving beginning programmers a firm foundation for building dynamic web sites.

  • Examines how WebMatrix is expected to become the new recommended entry-level tool for developing web sites using ASP.NET
  • Arms beginning programmers, students, and educators with all the information they need to start developing dynamic web sites, including design tips and layout advice
  • Explains the Packages Administration tool, including how to use the Facebook Social and Web Helper packages
  • Covers working with files, images, and databases; debugging and error handling; maintaining security; and site optimization

In the tried-and-true tradition of Wrox Beginning guides, Beginning ASP.NET Web Pages with WebMatrix gives novice programmers the knowledge and confidence they need to get going

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Applied ASP.NET 4 in Context

Описание книги Applied ASP.NET 4 in Context:
Applied ASP.NET 4 In Context sets the standard for clear, simple, hands-on advice for learning and deploying Microsoft’s dynamic web solutions. Seasoned .NET author Adam Freeman explains how to get the most from ASP.NET by focusing on the features you need for your project. He starts with the nuts and bolts and shows you everything through to advanced features, going in-depth to give you the knowledge you need to use ASP.NET in a real-world context.

ASP.NET 4 is the latest version of Microsoft’s revolutionary web technology. It is the principal technology for creating dynamic web pages on the Windows platform. Effective and powerful ASP.NET programming is easier than ever before with this informed and practical guide.

Each topic is covered clearly and concisely, each chapter packed with the details you need to be truly effective with ASP.NET 4. The most important features are given no-nonsense in-depth treatment, and chapters include common problems and details on how to avoid them. This book is for web developers who want to understand the context in which ASP.NET sits and the standards and best practices that can be employed to improve the efficiency and maintainability of their projects.

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Pro ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework, Third Edition

Описание книги Pro ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework:
The ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework is the latest evolution of Microsoft’s ASP.NET web platform. It provides a high-productivity programming model that promotes cleaner code architecture, test-driven development, and powerful extensibility, combined with all the benefits of ASP.NET 4.

In this third edition, the core model-view-controller (MVC) architectural concepts are not simply explained or discussed in isolation, but are demonstrated in action. You’ll work through an extended tutorial to create a working e-commerce web application that combines ASP.NET MVC with the latest C# language features and unit-testing best practices. By gaining this invaluable, practical experience, you’ll discover MVC’s strengths and weaknesses for yourself and put your best-learned theory into practice.
The book’s authors Steve Sanderson and Adam Freeman have both watched the growth of ASP.NET MVC since its first release. Steve is a well-known blogger on the MVC Framework and a member of the Microsoft Web Platform and Tools team. Adam started designing and building web applications 15 years ago and has been responsible for some of the world’s largest and most ambitious projects. You can be sure you are in safe hands.

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Microsoft ASP.NET 4 с примерами на C# 2010 для профессионалов

Описание книги Microsoft ASP.NET 4 с примерами на C# 2010 для профессионалов:
ASP.NET 4 представляет собой новую версию революционной технологии ASP.NET от Microsoft. Она является основным стандартом для создания динамических веб-страниц на платформе Windows. Эта книга предлагает исчерпывающий, снабженный большим числом примеров подход к изучению построения и развертывания динамических веб-решений от Microsoft.

Настоящее издание было полностью обновлено и дополнено с учетом последней версии ASP.NET, и теперь включает описание ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX 4, ASP.NET Dynamic Data и Silverlight 3.

Известные специалисты в области технологий .NET покажут, как извлечь максимум из предлагаемых новых технологий. Предложенный авторами практический подход к изложению материала не является простым повторением документации, а позволяет сконцентрироваться на решении конкретных задач, связанных с разработкой веб-приложений разного уровня сложности. Глубина изложения материала превращает эту книгу в незаменимый источник информации для разработчиков приложений ASP.NET 4.

Благодаря этой книге, вы изучите следующие вопросы:

  • Ознакомитесь со спецификой версии ASP.NET 4, ее фундаментальными принципами и основами Visual Studio. Узнаете, как создавать элементы управления ASP.NET и как их размещать на страницах ASP.NET.
  • Освоите ASP.NET MVC – новое средство, ставшее самым крупным дополнением ASP.NET 4, и научитесь его использовать, а также интегрировать с существующими приложениями ASP.NET.
  • Подробно рассмотрите ADO.NET и узнаете, как осуществлять привязку данных для многих источников, от баз данных до XML-файлов.
  • Изучите различные способы поддержки безопасности и их применение. Средства безопасности в ASP.NET 4 были существенно усовершенствованы, что является отличительной особенностью этой версии.
  • Освоите расширенные технологии построения пользовательских интерфейсов, включая пользовательские элементы управления, специальные серверные элементы управления, клиентские JavaScript-сценарии, GDI+ и Silverlight 3.
  • Ознакомитесь со способами взаимодействия с веб-службами.
  • Научитесь пользоваться ASP.NET AJAX 4 – мощным инструментом веб-разработки.
  • Изучите особенности разработки с использованием веб-сервера Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.

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Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Описание книги Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4:
Ace your preparation for the skills measured by MCTS Exam 70-515—and on the job. Work at your own pace through a series of lessons and reviews that fully cover each exam objective. Then, reinforce and apply what you’ve learned through real-world case scenarios and practice exercises. This official Microsoft study guide is designed to help you make the most of your study time.

Maximize your performance on the exam by learning to:

  • Program a new application; add and configure server controls
  • Manage data input, user state, and security
  • Implement data source controls and data-bound controls
  • Use AJAX-enabled forms and scripts
  • Create and consume XML Web services and WFC services
  • Design for accessibility, globalization, and mobility
  • Debug, deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot applications

Then, assess your skills with the practice tests on CD. You can work through hundreds of questions using multiple testing modes to meet your specific learning needs. You get detailed explanations for right and wrong answers — including a customized learning path that describes how and where to focus your studies.

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Beginning ASP.NET E-Commerce in C#: From Novice to Professional

Описание книги Beginning ASP.NET E-Commerce in C#: From Novice to Professional:
The book teaches the reader how to build a complete e-commerce web site written in ASP.NET 3.5 by taking them through the entire design and build process. Uniquely, this book shows how to handle payments through PayPal and DataCash; meaning that the reader is left with a fully functional e-commerce site at the end of the book. The previous edition sold 3,269 copies and still sells 80 a month two years after its release.

Cristian Darie is a software engineer with experience in a wide range of modern technologies, and the author of numerous books, including his popular ASP.NET C# E-Commerce tutorial, his AJAX and PHP tutorial, and his SEO tutorial for PHP developers.

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