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Programming ASP.NET

Описание книги Programming ASP.NET:Suitable for most any programmer who wants to master ASP.NET with an eye toward real-world development, Programming ASP.NET is an excellent resource that mixes good coverage of APIs with actual programming techniques and advice using Visual Basic .NET and C#. The combination places it in the forefront of currently available titles on ASP.NET.

Written in part by veteran computer author Jesse Liberty, this book offers an excellent mix of coverage of important ASP.NET features that you will absolutely need to use for real-world programming. Readers with previous ASP experience will appreciate early sections that compare an older ASP sample with the new ASP.NET to highlight what\’s new and improved, with good explanation of the ASP.NET event model. The pace of this book is just excellent. The authors first move through the essentials, like basic ASP Web controls and data binding, before delving into data-driven applications using the (slightly complicated) ASP.NET database APIs. It also helps that the authors let you use Notepad (or another text editor) to create your ASP.NET programs first. (Later, they cover the details of Visual Studio .NET, pointing out how this tool can sometimes make it difficult to see where your code is generated.) There\’s also coverage of debugging and tracing techniques.

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Professional DotNetNuke 5: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET

Описание книги Professional DotNetNuke 5: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET:
DotNetNuke creator Shaun Walker leads this superlative author team of MVPs while delivering the latest update of a bestseller. They offer complete coverage of the major revisions to DotNetNuke 5, such as more granular administration, widgets, XHTML compliance, improved social networking, workflow, and better content management.

They thoroughly cover installing, configuring, administering, and developing modules for DotNetNuke. You?ll learn portal and host administration, configuration in a hosted environment, developing and working with modules, designing a DotNetNuke portal with skins, integrating workflow in DotNetNuke, using DotNetNuke social networking tools, and much more.

DotNetNuke is a powerful open source framework for creating and deploying web sites with dynamic and interactive content. Written by the creator of DotNetNuke and a team of DotNetNuke community experts and ASP.NET programmers, this book provides you with the tools and insight you need to install, configure, and develop web applications with DotNetNuke 5.

After Shaun Walker’s introduction to DotNetNuke and the business aspects of creating and nurturing the DotNetNuke community, product, and a new DotNetNuke corporation, the authors demonstrate how to manage and administer a DotNetNuke portal. They then show you how the application works through the DotNetNuke application architecture and its major application programming interfaces (APIs), which provide DotNetNuke’s power.

You’ll discover how to extend the portal framework by developing and distributing modules that plug into a DotNetNuke portal, and you’ll examine the flexible skinning capabilities of DotNetNuke. This helpful exploration of the history, structure, and foundation of the DotNetNuke application affirms its place as an extremely extensible application framework.

What you will learn from this book:

  • The latest features and functionality of DotNetNuke 5 and the differences between DotNetNuke Community Edition and Professional Edition
  • The responsibilities of a host/administrator who is using DotNetNuke as a web portal, such as the uploading of skins and modules
  • The core modules that are included with DotNetNuke and how to use them
  • Ways to integrate DotNetNuke into an existing membership structure
  • Techniques for replacing hard-coded text with dynamic strings
  • The new unified model for packaging extensions for distribution

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Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 4

Описание книги Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 4:
Completely reengineered for ASP.NET 4 — this definitive guide deftly illuminates the core architecture and programming features of ASP.NET 4 in a single, pragmatic volume. Web development expert Dino Esposito provides essential, architectural-level guidance, along with the in-depth technical insights designed to take you—and your solutions—to the next level.

The book covers Dynamic Data, AJAX, Microsoft Silverlight®, ASP.NET MVC, Web forms, LINQ, and security strategies—and features extensive code samples in Microsoft Visual C#® 2010.

Dino Esposito is a well-known ASP.NET and AJAX expert. He speaks at industry events, including DevConnections and Microsoft TechEd, contributes to MSDN® Magazine and other publications, and has written several popular Microsoft Press books, including Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX: Architecting Web Applications.

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Professional Refactoring in C# & ASP.NET

Описание книги Professional Refactoring in C# & ASP.NET:
Refactoring is an effective way to quickly uncover problematic code and fix it. In this first book to provide a hands-on approach to refactoring in C# and ASP.NET, you’ll discover to apply refactoring techniques to manage and modify your code. Plus, you’ll learn how to build a prototype application from scratch and discover how to refactor the prototype into a properly designed, enterprise-level application.

With the help of step-by-step directions, you’ll gain a better understanding of different code issues and refactoring transformations. Many of these transformations are developed from real-world scenarios that are the result of key business decisions. In addition, you’ll find formal definitions of refactoring techniques that you’ll be able to refer to while on the job.

This book covers the refactoring techniques that will enable you to become more efficient and productive. You’ll be able to use this information to respond to change and improve the design of existing code.

What you will learn from this book:

  • How to assemble your own refactoring toolkit
  • Techniques for performing unit testing
  • Tips on refactoring to patterns
  • How to use refactoring to upgrade legacy C# and ASP.NET code
  • Ways to take advantage of the method extraction to eliminate duplicated code
  • How to make code simpler, easier to modify, and more understandable
  • All about object oriented theory and design patterns
  • Methods for using LINQ and other C# 3.0 enhancements

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ASP.NET 3.5 Application Architecture and Design

ASP.NET 3.5 Application Architecture and Design

  • Автор: Vivek Thakur
  • Издательство: Packt Publishing
  • Год: 2009
  • Язык: Английский
  • Страниц: 260
  • Формат: pdf
  • Размер: 3 МБ

Описание книги ASP.NET 3.5 Application Architecture and Design:
This book will show you how to develop better web applications in ASP.NET with strong focus on practical aspects of architecture and design. This book is for people familiar with the ASP.NET framework using either C# or VB.NET. You don’t need to be an ASP.NET guru – the book is ideal for novice and intermediate developers.

If reading about application architecture usually confuses you or sends you to sleep, then this book will be perfect for you! In short, any ASP.NET programmer who is confused or disoriented reading different books or materials on architectures wondering how and what to implement in their application, will definitely benefit from this book!

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ASP.NET 3.5 Website Programming: Problem — Design — Solution

ASP.NET 3.5 Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution

  • Автор: Chris Love
  • Издательство: Wrox
  • Год: 2009
  • Язык: Английский
  • Страниц: 648
  • Формат: pdf
  • Размер: 18 МБ

Описание книги ASP.NET 3.5 Website Programming: Problem — Design — Solution:
The ASP.NET 2.0 version of this book was the first to introduce experienced ASP.NET 2.0 programmers to building a web application with a layered approach. Now updated for ASP.NET 3.5 and the Entity Framework, this unique book takes good website design beyond page-by-page coding by emphasizing n-tier ASP.NET web application architectural design.

Each chapter addresses a problem or business need and then discusses the necessary pieces of the puzzle you’ll use to solve that problem. In addition, a professional-level website framework is at the ready, from which you can build real websites, extend the code, and implement specific ASP.NET code.

  • Explains how to implement core features, including master pages, themes, membership, profiles, and personalization
  • Demonstrates ways to best use ASP.NET AJAX, the Entity Framework, and Visual Studio code
  • Shares techniques for compilation, deployment, instrumentation, error handling, and logging
  • Uncovers tips for separating a site’s UI and presentation layer from the pluggable data access layer and business logic layer
  • Features helpful examples and hands-on code, as well as resourceful ways to handle common problems
  • Features code examples in the book using Visual Basic and a complete sample application download available in both C# and Visual Basic

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Beginning ASP.NET 3.5 in VB 2008: From Novice to Professional

Описание книги Beginning ASP.NET 3.5 in VB 2008: From Novice to Professional:
The most up-to-date and comprehensive introductory ASP.NET book you’ll find on any shelf, Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 in VB 2005 guides you through Microsoft’s latest technology for building dynamic websites. You’ll learn to build dynamic web pages on the fly, with only basic prior knowledge of Visual Basic. Included is exhaustive coverage of ASP.NET, to guide you from your first steps, to the most advanced techniques, like querying databases from within a web page and performance-tuning your site.

You’ll find tips for «best practices» and comprehensive discussions of key database and XML principles you need to know in order to be effective with ASP.NET. The book also emphasizes the invaluable coding techniques of object orientation and code behind, which will start you off on the track to build real-world websites right from the beginning—rather than just faking it with simplified coding practices. By the time you’ve finished the book, you will have mastered the core techniques and have all the knowledge you need to begin work as a professional ASP.NET developer.

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Разработка Web-приложений в среде ASP.NET 2.0. Задача — проект — решение

Описание книги Разработка Web-приложений в среде ASP.NET 2.0. Задача — проект — решение:
Книга специалиста в области разработки Web-приложений с использованием ASP.NET 2.0 посвящена практическому созданию Web-сайтов с развитой и расширяемой функциональностью. Подробно рассматриваются такие типовые средства, как подсистема членства и профилирования посетителей, управление новостями и динамическим содержимым, подсистема опроса мнений, подсистема рассылки новостей, организация форумов, создание электронного магазина с платежами через PayPal и персонализация страниц с помощью Web Parts. Немалое внимание уделяется вопросам локализации и развертывания сайтов.

Книга рассчитана на программистов разной квалификации, а также будет полезна для студентов и преподавателей дисциплин, связанных с программированием и разработкой для Web в среде ASP.NET 2.0.

Содержание книги:

1. Знакомство с проектом TheBeerHouse
2. Разработка дизайна сайта
3. Планирование архитектуры
4. Система членства и система профилей пользователей
5. Управление новостями и статьями
6. Опросы общественного мнения
7. Рассылки новостей
8. Форумы
9. Магазин электронной коммерции
10. Персонализация и Web Parts
11. Локализация сайта
12. Развертывание сайта

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ASP.NET MVC Framework с примерами на C# для профессионалов

Описание книги ASP.NET MVC Framework с примерами на C# для профессионалов:
Новая среда ASP.NET MVC Framework представляет собой самое значительное изменение в программных средствах разработки веб-приложений от корпорации Microsoft после первого выпуска платформы ASP.NET в 2002 году. Она дает разработчикам больше возможностей для управления HTML-разметкой, схемой URL и обработкой запросов и ответов.

Она способствует построению ясной архитектуры приложения, обеспечивает солидную поддержку блочного тестирования и упрощает интеграцию со сторонними программными средствами, включая библиотеки JavaScript и инструментальные средства Ajax.

Автор взялся за написание этой книги потому, что возможности платформы ASP.NET MVC кажутся ему весьма привлекательными и многообещающими. И, прочитав эту книгу, вы не только получите основательное представление о возможностях платформы ASP.NET MVC и ее применении, но и том, почему она была разработана так, а не иначе, а также о том, как применять положенные в ее основу принципы для улучшения собственного кода. Автор беспристрастно проанализировал достоинства и недостатки данной платформы, а также ее альтернативы и открытые инструментальные средства, которые способны ее дополнить.

Оригинал этой книги — наверное самая лучшая книга по ASP.NET MVC Framework. Приводится пример разработки реального приложения и описываются основные компоненты фреймворка. Если вам недоступен оригинал на английском языке и вы хотите освоить веб-разработку на ASP.NET MVC — эта книга определенно хороший выбор.

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Microsoft ASP .NET. Обеспечение безопасности

Описание книги Microsoft ASP .NET. Обеспечение безопасности:
Эта книга — подробное руководство для программистов, которые используют Microsoft ASP .NET 2.0 и заинтересованы в обеспечении безопасности разрабатываемых приложений.

В ней подробно рассказывается о способах внедрения в приложения превентивных мер защиты, в частности подтверждения ввода данных, аутентификации и авторизации. Рассмотрены методы обнаружения и обработки ошибок, ограничение функциональности с помощью частичного доверия, применение провайдеров защиты. Отдельная глава посвящена описанию инструментов, которые можно использовать для тестирования и улучшения защиты приложений.

Книга адресована профессионалам, а также всем, кто занимается защитой приложений.

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