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Pro CSS Techniques

Pro CSS Techniques
  • Автор: Jeff Croft, Ian Lloyd, and Dan Rubin
  • Издательство: Apress
  • Год: 2006
  • Язык: Английский
  • Страниц: 405
  • Формат: pdf
  • Размер: 12 Мб

Описание книги Pro CSS Techniques:This book is a collection of proven, professional, modern techniques that you can use every day to get the most out of the time you put into your projects, from start to finish.As it has finally come to pass that CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and other web standards are useful, real-world tools as opposed to idealistic goals, more and more professional web developers are moving to CSS from older approaches. Web browsers that support CSS well are now the default for the vast majority of web surfers. Additionally, a whole new generation of web developers are appearing on the scene, many of whom have never had the grave displeasure of dealing with nested table layouts and spacer GIFs.

So how are these web developers learning CSS? Most often, they are self-taught. They’ve picked up bits and pieces from online articles and blog posts, they’ve scoured other people’s code to dissect how someone achieved a particular style or layout technique, and they’ve read other CSS books on the market.Like blog posts and online tutorials, most of the CSS books currently available are focused on specific principles and techniques out of context. Pro CSS Techniques focuses on context, and how each of the techniques presented fits into the lifecycle of a real-world project.