Beginning Java 7

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Beginning Java 7 Навазние: Beginning Java 7
Автор: Jeff Friesen
Год: 2011
Страниц: 920
Язык: Английский
Размер: 13
Формат: epub

Описание книги Beginning Java 7:
Beginning Java 7 guides you through this language and a huge assortment of platform APIs. Beginning Java 7 targets the following groups of developers: Newcomers, skilled (to some degree) in other programming languages but with no previous exposure to Java
Intermediate Java developers, skilled in the fundamentals of Java prior to Java 7 and looking to increase their understanding of Java 7 language/API changes. All developers looking beyond standard Java, who want to leverage Java 7 to create mobile apps via Android
Even advanced Java developers may find a few items of interest.

This book guides you through this language and a huge assortment of platform APIs according to the following table of contents:

  1. Getting Started with Java
  2. Discovering Classes and Objects
  3. Exploring Advanced Language Features
  4. Touring Language APIs
  5. Collecting Objects
  6. Touring Additional Utility APIs
  7. Creating and Enriching Graphical User Interfaces
  8. Interacting with Filesystems
  9. Interacting with Networks and Databases
  10. Parsing, Creating, and Transforming XML Documents
  11. Working with Web Services
  12. Java 7 Meets Android

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