Beginning iOS 10 Programming with Swift

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Beginning iOS 10 Programming with Swift Навазние: Beginning iOS 10 Programming with Swift
Автор: Simon Ng
Год: 2016
Страниц: 611
Язык: Английский
Размер: 117
Формат: pdf
PDF: 117 Мб

We will build a food app from scratch. Starting by creating an app prototype, we will add one or more features to the app in each chapter and you will have an app after working through the book. During the course of the app development, you will learn:

● Learn Swift 3 Basics Using Playgrounds
● Design Adaptive UI using Stack Views in Xcode 8
● Auto layout and Size Classes
● Table views, Tab Bar and Navigation Controllers
● Table Cell Customization and Self Sizing Cells
● Applying Blur Effect using UIVisualEffect
● UIView animations and Image Manipulation
● Working with maps
● Accessing Photo Library and Camera
● Using WKWebView and SFSafariViewController to present web content
● Search bar integration
● Working with Core Data
● Creating tutorial screens using UIPageViewController
● Developing cloud based app with CloudKit
● Creating User Notifications
● Working with 3D Touch
● Building a social sharing for Facebook and Twitter
● Localizing Your App into different languages
● Arranging beta test using TestFlight
● Submitting your app to App Store
● App Prototyping Basics with Sketch and Keynote

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