Pro PHP: Patterns, Frameworks, Testing and More

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Pro PHP: Patterns, Frameworks, Testing and More Навазние: Pro PHP: Patterns, Frameworks, Testing and More
Автор: Kevin McArthur
Год: 2008
Страниц: 349
Язык: Английский
Размер: 3
Формат: pdf
PDF: 3 Мб

Описание книги Pro PHP: Patterns, Frameworks, Testing and More:Taking care to focus solely on those topics that will have the most impact on experienced PHP developers, Pro PHP is written for readers seeking to take their understanding of both PHP and sound software development practices to the next level. Advanced object–oriented features, documentation, debugging, software patterns, and the Standard PHP Library are just a few of the topics covered in extensive detail.

Author and noted PHP expert Kevin McArthur also examines emerging practices and trends such as the MVC architecture as applied to PHP, with special emphasis placed upon the increasingly popular Zend Framework.With Ajax and web services crucial to the success of todays web applications, the book concludes with several chapters covering JSON, the SOAP extension, and advanced web services topics.If youre seeking to go beyond the basics, Pro PHP is the book for you.

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